About LokaTexTile

Company Overview

LOKATEXTILE is supplying FABRICS and ACCESSORIES for readymade garments industry from China and Taiwan since 2008. In addition to that we are now planning to supply the fabrics from Indonesia, Korea and India.

We have good relationship with the different mills in China and Taiwan from where we are producing the goods and shipped to the buyer through the different export company of China and Taiwan. we are now developing the mills in Indonesia, Korea and India to meet some buyer’s requirements since some buyers are asking to ship the goods by mentioning the origin. We love to follow buyer’s instruction and advice.

Our strong production team follow the productions very carefully, they checked the Yarn first  most important to maintain the quality. 

Our strong production team follow the productions very carefully, they checked the Yarn first as Yarn is the most important to maintain the quality. After that they follow the Weaving or Knitting by keeping close touch with the production unit of the mills and then they take the goods to the dyeing mills to maintain the buyer’s color slandered and finally send the goods to the finishing mill to make the goods as fine as buyer want.

So, Quality is our motto. Since we are producing the goods by selecting the mills by ourselves to maintain the buyer’s interest, we have no compromise with the quality. we are inspecting the goods by our own quality controller not by the mill’s people- so quality assurance is there. Our people are very much award about the quality as we trained them up for the inspection.

We can also offer the very competitive price since we are dealing directly with the Yarn supplier, producer, dying mill and finishing mill by ourselves. We can keep the completive price from the first stage of the process. So- we can offer very competitive price for all of the items needed by our buyer.

Though we have no own mills to make the goods but we have investment with the different yarn supplier, different producing mills, different dyeing mills and different finishing mills to produce our goods as first priority basis to meet up the buyer’s shipment schedule. So, our service is same as the owner of the mills or fabric manufacturing.

We also do not have export permission from China or Taiwan, but we have good relationship with the different exporters who help us to export the goods to our buyer’s destination, they are very much prompt to send the documents to buyer’s bank to save the time for clearing the goods from the arrival port- So we also do same as Exporter.

We also do not have shipping company but we have good relationship with different shipping lines who help us to ship the goods smoothly and also they informed us time to time the vessel position. So, we also act as shipping line.

In a nutshell, we can say that we are ready for any kind of support and services to our buyers to manage their orders smoothly and to reach in our goal.


Desiring dream of LOKATEXTTILE is to be one of the top class fabric supplier house in Bangladesh for providing variety range of requirements of our eligible clients with compliments to textile and garment trade. 
  Undoubtedly we can assure that we struggle for broadening business of our eligible clients while providing them value added services.  Every single person at LOKATEXTTILE is enough capable and well trained to present their excellency for achieving the company’s goals while performing their services  at their  respective position.  Hence be relaxed and assured that your business interests will be in the hand of the top class qualified and professional team.


The fundamental  goal is to maximize the business volume and profitability of our regarded  clients.  So from this well known trading house for textile and garment sector,  we are committed to facilitate the buyers  as well as the sellers for negotiating at the best deals with full satisfied response of our clients. 
  Lastly want to say that we are following the clients business demands or requirements with our full adoration and honesty where you can see the reflection of our highest hardwork.
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